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Guide for Perl Book Reviewers

Pick a book

For The Perl Review, pick a book about Perl or a topic that most Perl programmers may be interested in. For instance, a book on cross-platform regular expressions isn't just about Perl, but is interesting to Perl programmers. Biographies of computer personalities or histories of programming can be interesting too.

If you want to ask about a particular book, you can write to us at [email protected].

Choose a length

Most book reviews are 300 to 400 words. You can also write a short review of a single paragraph to include in a side bar next to longer reviews.

Include the basics

People want to know the basics of the book and if they should buy the book.

State an opinion

The book review is about two things: the book and your opinion of the book. Your job is let people know what you thought of the book. Don't try to please everyone by being overly positive or trying to please a public relations person. Say what you think: everything else people can get from Amazon.

Some questions you may want to answer:

Be nice

You may not like a book, but don't take it out on the author, who's only the most visible of all of the people that go into making a book. Editors, art departments, and marketing people make decisions that affect the book. If you don't like something, say so, but be nice. Include what you think would make the book better.

Submission format

We would like to work with plain text, but we can accept almost anything that you would like to send us. If you have a question about a particular format, please ask us first. We'll find the necessary graphics and the book particulars for the review.

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