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Perl Consulting

The Perl Review provides worldwide, on-site or off-site consulting with the goal of making you and your team more effective using and employing the tools of Perl. Instead of merely adding more warm bodies to carry out an existing process that isn't working for you, we want to design a process and way of using Perl that you can use with your existing workforce. We want to educate and work along side you without creating a dependency on The Perl Review.

We prefer to keep consulting situations short term—one to three weeks of dedicated and concentrated time, with much less intensive ongoing, minor support as you apply our recommendations. We take on a limited number of situations each year; our strength is actually the time we spend not working for you as we develop the expertise, ready to go when we show up to help you.

To get a consulting quote, send mail to us at [email protected]. We specialize each quote for your particular situation and needs, including a variety of billing and accounting methods, from hourly to flat-rate projects.

Consulting Situations

Before we agree to a consulting situation, we work with you to determine if there's a way that our expertise can help you reach your goals. Although we may not always be a good fit, these situations are some common areas where we can help you:

Code Review

During a code review, we analyse an existing code base and make recommendations based on your goals. You may want to review the code for best or modern practices, performance, maintainability, or many other factors. Before we actually start the code review, we work with you to develop your goals for the review and the questions you want to answer.

Application Design, Planning, & Specification

Before you start a new Perl project, you can save yourself quite a bit of programming time by spending just a little time thinking about what you need to accomplish and how the modules and tools of Perl can help you get there. We can help you create a unified plan to guide your work to help you waste as little time as possible.

Perl Process & Lifecycle Management

Writing code is not merely typing and compiling. From conception through specification, testing, and delivery, there is quite a bit that you can do to perserve your sanity and time so you spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters.

The Perl community has developed almost everything that you need to manage this process. Instead of inventing your own system, by applying what's already widely used through the land of Perl you don't have to support a second, stealth software application that you didn't realize that you were writing.

We can also help you set up some of the ancillary tools, such as source control, ticketing systems, repository management, and automated testing to support your Perl work.

Perl Testing & Quality Control

Perl has a strong quality control culture and a wealth of tools to help you test your code and your application. If you aren't already using Perl's testing tools, or using them only minimally, we can work with you to develop your Perl testing regimen.