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Frequently Answered Queries

Billing problems

Why was my credit card repeatedly declined?
The most common reason credit cards are declined is that our bank doesn't like your bank. If you have filled out the subscription correctly and it still barfs on you, it's probably a problem with our bank. Since we're relatively new and offer stuff over the internet, our bank puts us in a high-risk category which means they take any chance they get to activate their fraud protection measures. In these cases we can manually approve the charge (it is still in the credit card processor system). Send mail to [email protected] to let us know that's what you want us to do.

What other ways can I pay?
Besides credit cards, we accept PayPal, Honors, check or money orders in US funds, and other things you might arrange with us.

My billing address is not my mailing address, but your form only asks for the billing address. What do I do?
We're working on changing that, but since we're new, sending a subscription to somewhere other than the billing address is a bit of a risk for us. We've had some suspicious attempts for people to send subscriptions to countries not in the billing address. Large companies can write off this sort of fraud, but we're not that large yet. Once you subscribe, send mail to subscribers@ to let us know that's the address you really want.

I'm not in the United States, so why do you ask me for U.S. address things like 'State' and 'Zip Code'?
We're getting quite the education in international addresses, and we're working on a solution to satisfy everyone while still getting all the information we actually need to put your issue in the mail to you.

Subscriber's Questions

What do I get with a print subscription?
The print subscription comes with a year's worth of issues (published quarterly, so 4 total) to The Perl Review along with full access to the digital archives that includes all of the past issues.

What do I get with a web-only subscription?
The web only subscription gives you full access to the digital archives that includes all of the past issues and full access to the website.

How do I change my mailing address?
Send your new address to [email protected] and we'll update your record.

I didn't get my issue in the mail. What do I do?
Sometimes then mail takes a little extra time, but if you don't get your issue, we're happy to send you another one. Send mail to [email protected] to let us know that's what you want us to do.

What's my username and password?
The username and password is in the welcome email we sent you, as well as the web receipt (in case you printed it). The username for all subscribers is simply "subscriber". We change the password on the release of each issue and email the password to you. You can always have the pasword sent to you by using the email address you used to subscribe in our password sender. If you still have problems, write to [email protected].

Can I share a subscription?
The Perl Review is an an volunteer effort, and survives by subscription fees. You'll notice that there is very little advertising in the magazine. We depend on everyone paying their fair share so we can keep publishing great content. Please buy a subscription just for yourself, and encourage the people around you to support our work by buying their own subscriptions. Organizations can arrange for institutional subscriptions to supply The Perl Review to a large group of people at a discount.

Author's Questions

Do you pay for articles?
When we started, we were too poor to pay for articles. We're not that poor anymore, but we're not rich either. We're looking at different options to pay authors. At the moment we're not offering any money, but we want to change that as soon as possible. We do give each author a free subscription to TPR.

How can I write for TPR?
You can submit ideas on our submissions page. You don't have to be famous, a friend of the editor, or even a "real" Perl programmer (whatever that means).

What format should my article be in?
You can send us articles in just about any format, but we prefer plain text and POD. We can deal with RTF, Microsoft Word, and lots of other formats.

How long should my article be?
Our common answer is "As long as it needs to be, and not any longer". Of course, we have space restrictions, but if your article really needs more space than we have, we can feature it in another issue. Having said that, the best way to figure out how long your article might be is to look at other articles we publish.


Who are you?
We're really just a small company with no employees run by brian d foy. Most people do their work as needed for the next issue, and almost all of the work is volunteer. We do this because we want to create something good, not because we want to leave our day jobs.

Why haven't you responded to my email?
The best answer is that we're travelling outside of the US and do not have internet access (or can't securely access our subscriber database due to local firewall restrictions). We travel frequently and often operate out of hotel rooms (the inaugral issue was completely produced out of the Hilton Garden Inn in Detroit). The next best answer is that your email got caught in a spam trap and we never saw it. We apologize for any delay and hope you'll nag us until we take care of your problem. If you think you're not reaching us, you can try one of the other methods listed on our contact page.