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Institutional Subscriptions

Through the web site we sell subscriptions for individuals. If you need a subscription to share in an organization, please don't try to share an individual subscription among them. Help to support The Perl Review, an all volunteer effort, by paying your fair share.

Special institutional opportunities

All subscriptions come with full access to all back issues and all parts of the website. Your institutional subscription can come with special features set up exclusively for you by request. These include:


We will quote you an institutional rate based on the number of people in your organization who will likely use The Perl Review. This is based on the web-only subscription price and a discount applied according to the number of people involved and the special features you request. The greater the number, the more the discount. Contact us to request a quote.


The Perl Review is also available through EBSCO. If you are an EBSCO client, contact your EBSCO account manager for details. Although you pay through EBSCO, we can still set up any of the special features we mentioned.