Code Review

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An outside set of eyes and some distance can help you find problems and opportunities in your Perl codebase. We can even teach your developers how to do their own code review.

The most important part of a code review is choosing its goal. You don’t want to dump a repository on someone and hope something code comes out of it. And, you shouldn’t expect that a code review will fix every type and level of issue that you could change. We can help you develop those goals, which might be:

  • Discovering security problems
  • Looking for candidates for performance improvements
  • Identifying opportunities for refactoring
  • Finding duplicated code
  • Simplifying code and deployment by shifting or removing dependencies
  • Choosing between supporting legacy code or starting over

Each situation is different and we tailor our work to the goals you choose and the state of your code. Instead of pushing you through a bunch of tools that we already have, we create something targeted to your situation.

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